Next Generation Insurance Summit 2018

Transforming the Insurance Business Model through Digital Acceleration, Innovation and Personalisation

The digital revolution has caused a dramatic shift in the insurance industry.

Accenture had found that 75% of insurers agree that digital is having a major impact on their business.

Only 22% of insurers have launched personalized, real-time digital or mobile services and customer churn because of declining loyalty and poor customer experiences represents as much as $470 billion in Life and Property & Casualty premiums globally.

Therefore it is clear that there is an urgent need to engage with current customers and increase retention to remain relevant and competitive in the digital environment.

With this in mind, the Next Generation Insurance Summit looks to answer some of the questions around how to create innovative products that are digitally transformed and customer-centric, transform a business model with effective culture change strategy, how to understand customers and implement impactful, personalised engagement strategies.

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What's New This Year


Creating an omni-channel digital experience for improved customer service


Creating innovative products that are digitally transformed and customer-centric


Using data to further understand your customer, delight them and set you apart


Understanding your customer and implementing impactful, personalised engagement strategies


Implement a plan custom for your organization


Creating partnerships with Fintechs and Insuretechs to further shift mindsets and enhance competitiveness

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Reasons to Attend


Case studies of creating and implementing a customer facing digital strategy across online, mobile, apps and in store.


Case studies around the cultivation and implementation of culture change in the digital environment.


Understanding the impacts of automation and data to improve customer experience and personalisation.


A focus on the Australian Insurance Industry’s journey in digital for enhanced accuracy of benchmarking and increase your networking opportunity.

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