Workshops: 17th-18th May 2018

Workshop A

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Understand How Digitising Front And Back Office Processes Is Beneficial For The Customer and How To Achieve It

Andy Hopkins, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Performance Management, QBE Insurance
This session goes behind the scenes of QBE’s digital strategy into understanding the foundations, ecosystems, data and technology that they are using to support the customer experience and engagement strategies being implemented. Andrew will discuss his experience in driving the IT strategy and systems behind the digitisation across the company and will explore how to make positive changes and impacts for employees and customers.


  • Why transform? Clarifying your goals to share your transformational strategies
  • Align the IT strategy with the customer strategy and ensure digital improvements will enhance your customers experience
  • Create an achievable roadmap outlining the foundations to creating a digital strategy, implementation and how to measure your success

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to minimise business interruptions during the transition and the key to implementing the roadmap successfully
  • Sharing session: What can you expect? A review of common challenges and pitfalls
  • Discuss the benefits of partnering with other organisations and how to execute a successful partnership



Andy Hopkins

Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Performance Management
QBE Insurance

Workshop B

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Creating The Innovation Framework and Roadmap to Achieve Innovation, Culture Change And Customer Centricity

Paul Chow, Executive Manager of Strategy and Diversification, GMHBA
Paul has been examining the approach to innovation at GMHBA and has begun to implement his innovation framework- a plan to create customer centric products and a true innovation portfolio. This session will help you to roadmap your own innovation framework and will discuss how to put in place a plan for success.


  • Create a value proposition for innovation: why is it necessary and what goals are you looking to achieve
  • Roadmap an innovation framework, with concrete dates to achieve milestones and goals and understand when to review your success
  • Assess the implementation of innovation and discuss how to create an innovation portfolio

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine the effects on your customer and discover how an innovation framework will enhance customer centricity
  • Ideate breakthrough innovation to solve customers problems and examine your roadmap with an expert
  • Understand best practice in implementation to minimise risk of failure



Paul Chow

Executive Manager of Strategy and Diversification